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Shellthorn Bobby Joe at Silkhope

 СH Jacquard You Give Me Fever

 Shellthorn Starlight JW

Shellthorn String of Pearls

Shellthorn String of Pearls

Moonlight Black Magic

Shellthorn Lavender Blue

Milesend Midnight Storm at Benravia

Forestland Fenman

Edglonian Rather Stormy of Milesend

Chelmarsh Countess at Milesend

 Shellthorn atlantic Star at Benravia

 CH Milesend Night Force

CH Tegwel Wild Ways of Sandwick

 СH Milesend Stormwarden

Blenmerrow Barnaby                        

Shelridge Socrates

Penrave Portrait of Dreams with Dunbrae

Blenmerrow Belinda

Evaldos Kami Kazi

CH Cordou Crackerjack

Evaldos Symphony In Blue

Penrave Polly Pickler

 Fernfrey Henry Tudor

Penrave Polly Pickpocket

Seaval Truthful About Shelridge

 Dunbrae Secret Wish

Penrave Perfect Romancer

  CH Hillhead Blue Shadow

СH Shelridge Wishmaster 

Stamboom Littlewitty at Midnight of Milesend

Naam: Kevin


CEA Genetic vrij Pra Kat Dis Vrij.

Compleet gebit.

DNA profile


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