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Stamboom Eswicks Diamonds Forever

Lythwood Shoestring of Milesend

CH Milesend Stormwarden

Lavika Time To Shine

CH Lythwood Slipper Orchid

Ch (UK) Milesend Dancing Along

CH Milesend Stormwarden

CH Milesend Goodtimes at Lavika 

CH Eljetia Queen Bee

Shelridge Socrates

CH Milesend Storm Queen

CH Lythwood Slipper Orchid

Lavika Time Will Tell at Milesend

CH Eljetia Bumble Bee of Milesend

CH Milesend Stormwarden

Lythwood Shoestring of Milesend

Secret Mystery Legend of the Fall

INT CH Faradale Frisbee for Grandgables

Amazing Secret Billy Jean

Someone Special Celsey 'twijmeer

INT CH Evros Tip Top Tosca


Eileen from Lady Lucia

Hjalte Skerlad's Selena

Dustin vom Erkelenzer Land

Bell Flower Dancing Queen

NL/VDH Vet. Ch. Gwensigor's Didjiridu

Eswicks All Eyes On Me

South'n Whites I'm Your Man
JW/W01  EW'11

SA FIN CH  Milesend Dancing Major


Gwensigor's Hey I'm A Major Too

JW '01 VW '10

Naam: Khaleesi

Geboren:  11-04-2014

CEA vrij PRA KAT Dis Voorlopig vrij

MDR 1 +/-

DNA Profile

De Lu Ch Not Fore Sale From LAdy Lucia

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